Equine Adoption

Thank you for considering adopting an SKE Rescue Horse! The SKE Rescue Program is a unique rescue program that adopts out fully rehabilitated horses.
Many rescue shelters adopt out horses that need rehabilitation, but SKE does all rehabilitation here prior to adoption. Most horses are usually here for at least a year before I will consider them rehabilitated. Note that rehabilitation does not correspond with a certain level of training, but rather a state of mental & physical health. Some horses are feral upon arrival, and they may be considered rehabilitated but not started under saddle. If they stay longer, then they may be started and ridden, then adopted as riding horses. Other horses may arrive at SKE already "broke to ride." These horses usually need to be restarted before being adopted. 
All horses ready for adoption will have, at minimum, the following training:
  • Respect of personal space
  • Leading via halter, neck rope, and target
  • Standing nicely at a stationary target or when tied
  • Accepting being touched & brushed everywhere
  • Lifting all feet for cleaning & farrier trimming 
  • Accepting basic & routine veterinary care - including eye, nose, and ear checks, rectal temperature checks, clipping, and bandaging
Barring any congenital defects or permanent injuries, all horses ready for adoption will have, at minimum, the following:
  • Good body condition
  • Good health - free of fungus, viral, or bacterial diseases and free of injury
  • Quality, barefoot, sound hooves that do not require corrective shoes or excessive maintenance
  • Up to date vaccinations, dental care, and parasite control
  • Sound mind - a horse that is relaxed, happy, and well-adjusted
SKE Rescue Horses are happy, healthy, well-trained equine partners! Please read below to find out details regarding adopting from SKE.



The adoption process is as follows:
1. Read this page to learn about the process & ensure you meet the Adoption Requirements.
2. Look over the Horses page to read about current program horses. 
Note: Not all may be ready for adoption, but some adopters will "pre-adopt" a horse via the lesson & volunteer program - by helping with their rehabilitation & creating a relationship with the horse, you increase your chances of being approved for adoption.
3. Submit the Adoption Application.
4. Visit the horses. Adoption appointments can be made by contacting Steph. Long-distance adopters are welcome to visit once all other items are complete so they can take their horse home on the same day/visit. 
5. Conduct a home visit. Local home visits will be done in person. Long-distance adopters are welcome and will need to do a virtual tour.
Once you have chosen a horse, your application is approved, your home visit complete, and you've visited to confirm the horse is a match, then it's time to take your new equine partner home! You will still need to pay the adoption fee & sign the adoption contract before the horse is released into your care.



The following is a general overview of adoption requirements. For specific details, please read over the Adoption Contract.
Forever Homes
Horses adopted from SKE must be adopted into a forever home. This means the horse can not be resold or rehomed. If the adopter can no longer keep the horse, the horse must be returned to SKE.
Care Standards
Horses are expected to get quality care once adopted. Care standards are outlined in the Adoption Contract, including providing quality nutrition, maintaining a safe & clean enclosure, giving adequate space & companionship, and providing routine vet & farrier care. SKE may request proof that care standards are being met after an adoption is complete.
Ethical Handling
Horses come to SKE and receive top-quality training using ethical, positive reinforcement methods. Horses do not need to be trained with SKE's exact methods after their adoption. However, they do need to be handled ethically & with respect. The Adoption Contract states that horses cannot be subjected to harsh methods after adoption.
No Breeding
Horses adopted from SKE cannot be used for any breeding activities.
If you feel you meet these requirements and would like to give an SKE Rescue Horse a new home, please fill an Adoption Application once you finish reading this page.



Adoption Application
Fill and submit the adoption contract:
PDF Version - submit via email to stephkequestrian@gmail.com
Online Form - fill online to submit
Adoption Contract
Here is a copy of the adoption contract. Please read it in-depth prior to adoption.
PDF Version - SKE will provide a physical copy at the time of adoption



Adoption fees are determined on a horse-by-horse basis. Please inquire about a specific horse's adoption fee.
Remember that rehabilitation is not the same as training. Some rehabilitated horses have not been started under saddle, others have competed at high levels since being rehabilitated. Read about rehabilitation here.
Level of training determines the adoption fee. As a horse progresses in training, their fee increases. This is why fees are not listed online, as the website may not be updated as training progresses.
$1000 - Rehabilitation training only
$1250 - Rehabilitation training and wearing tack
$1500 - Rehabilitation training, wearing tack, learning riding cues and building riding muscles
$1750 - Rehabilitation training, knows riding cues and has riding musculature
$2000 - Rehabilitation training and started under saddle
All horses with advanced riding or show experience will have fees of $3000 or higher, depending on experience. 
Adoption fees must be paid prior to pickup.



Use this checklist as you progress through the adoption process. Items do not necessarily need to be completed in order, except the last one!
☐   Read the entire "Equine Adoptions" webpage
☐   Submit an Adoption Application
☐   Visit SKE & Select a Horse
☐   Pay the Adoption Fee
☐   Sign the Adoption Contract
   Take Your New Equine Home!
Thank you again for your interest in an SKE Rescue Horse