Horses: Frida

Frida was rescued from the same event as Autumn, with her filly, Cora, at her side. Frida was probably born around 2010. We don't have any information about her prior to her rescue, except that she came from a "kill pen scam" - where horse meat traders sell horses off the meat truck for high prices, tricking people into thinking they are rescuing horses from slaughter when really they are essentially paying for more horses to be shipped into the meat trade. Frida is most likely a mustang cross of some sort.
Frida is full of opinions and is finally learning to trust people. Upon arrival, she was neglected and malnourished, and she didn't want anyone to touch her baby! She has begun her +R rehabilitation and is doing very well. Frida may have a future career as a jumper - she is known to jump 4'6" fencing to get to greener grass!

Frida Kahlo