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Atsa was ripped from his home & family.

Atsa was beaten, abused, and starved.

Atsa's been through pain that we can't imagine.

But Atsa survived, and he's ready to go home.

We need your help getting him back where he belongs.

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In the beginning...

Atsa was born in the early to mid 90’s as a wild, free mustang. He had a mother, a father, siblings, and family. He roamed with his herd as a young colt, playing, running, and learning. He grew large and strong - at nearly 17 hh tall, he is one of the largest on record from his family lines. As a proud young stallion, Atsa was seen roaming with others, in a band of “bachelor stallions."

We don’t have a detailed record of Atsa’s time in the wild, but he was likely wild for at least 20 years. Wild horses form deep connections and bonds. In that much time, it’s likely Atsa had a vast family. In addition to his brothers and sisters, he likely had a herd of his own, filled with mares he loved and foals they raised together.

The photos in the gallery below were taken by Larry McFerrin Photography in April of 2009, Atsa was about 12 years old.