Lessons | using my school horses


Want to learn to ride? Want to learn about horsemanship? I can help with that! I have safe, kind horses that are happy to help you learn about handling, care, and riding. Read more about Lessons!


To view the horses available for lessons and/or lease, please visit the horses page.


Coaching | using your horse

My coaching is focused on creating a positive relationship between horse and rider, then expanding their ability to communicate with each other to achieve their riding goals.


If you do not have a horse, I also specialize in finding lease horses or horses for purchase for my students.

Read more about Coaching



Traditional Training | for your horse

I have extensive training experience with traditional horsemanship. My techniques are a blend of classical Dressage, natural horsemanship, and equitation science. I believe in using intuitive language that is easy for the horse to understand in order to create a consistent, happy, healthy partner. I am happy to provide consultation or long-term training for any horses 

Read more about Traditional Training

Positive Reinforcement Training

+R Training | for your horse

Positive Reinforcement Training is ideal for abused horses, rescues, and horses being used for sport or performance - these methods are based on the horse choosing to participate, not forcing them into a behaviour or performance. I use force-free methods to create a motivated and enthusiastic partner. If you are unsure, want to know more, or want to see a demo of +R trained horses, please contact me and I am happy to help.

Read more about +R Training

Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy | for your horse

There is a place between having a sound horse and needing to call a vet - that is where I can help. Through use of non-invasive therapeutic techniques, I can help you​ to evaluate your horse's movement and work to improve it. Techniques include massage, stretching, exercises, and alignment adjustments.

Read more about Movement Evaluations



Nutrition Consultations | for your horse

You are what you eat - and so is your horse! I am happy to use my certification in Equine Nutrition to aid you in ensuring your horse has the nutrients necessary to live a long, happy life and perform at the level you need.

Read more about Nutrition Consultations


Clinics | for your whole barn

Clinics are available for groups near and far. I have several clinic options available to help you maximize the benefits. Clinics are available for traditional and positive reinforcement training, or a combination of both.

Read more about Clinics


Camps | for fun

Camps are available for all age groups under 18! We provide the horses, the lessons, and lots of fun activities. Camp is a great way to further horse experience, make friends, and get active!

Read more about Camps

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