Services: +R Training

Positive Reinforcement Training uses ​force-free methods to create a willing partner.

Positive Reinforcement Training is ideal for abused horses, rescues, and horses being used for sport or performance - these methods are based on the horse choosing to participate, not forcing them into a behaviour or performance. I use force-free methods to create a motivated and enthusiastic partner. If you are unsure, want to know more, or want to see a demo of +R trained horses, please contact me and I am happy to help.



Single Session/Consultation

$50/ approx. 1 hour

A single session/consultation can give you an idea of how to move forward or give me an idea of how I can help. 

Full Training

$300 / 10 Days

$900 / 30 Days

$1700 / 60 Days

Full training includes board and care at my facility, along with ​daily training sessions. The training schedule and intensity will be adjusted based on the horse's needs and the owner's goals.

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