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Learn online, from the comfort of your own barn or home.

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Everything You Need to Know

to Train Your Horse

Ethically & Effectively

SKE is launching our first Online Course! This course is available to anyone in the world who:

🐴 Wants to understand horse behavior

🐴 Wants to be a more effective trainer, handler, or rider

🐴 Wants to connect with their horse on a deeper level

🐴 Wants to train EFFECTIVELY and ETHICALLY ❤️

This course will cover the following topics:

✍️ Motivation behind behavior

✍️ Operant & respondent learning

✍️ Ethical considerations in behavior management

✍️ Using successive approximation effectively

✍️ Dialogue flows & consent with R+ training

✍️ Practical training foundations, including behavior guides & applications for at least 8 foundational behaviors, plus in-depth discussion time for additional behaviors that interest the class

This course is 8 weeks long and is scheduled as follows:

🗓️ Wednesdays, June 7th - July 26th

⌚ 6:30 - 8:30 PM, CST

💻 via our Virtual Classroom (watch Steph teach via video stream, join the discussion via video, phone, and/or chat)

This course is being offered at an extremely low rate, only $99 for the full course! 

Additional training & educational aids are available for purchase at discounted rates during course sign-up.

Participants in this course will also receive 5% off all SKE Clicker Shoppe purchases for the entire year of 2023, and will receive priority registration for future online courses.

There are only 10 spots available for this course, so sign up right away if you want to secure your spot! Steph is looking forward to seeing you all in class! ❤️🐴

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