1. Rescue

Steph K Equine Rescue takes in horses from a variety of backgrounds. Some were in the horse slaughter pipeline, some were seized from abusive or neglectful situations, and others were surrendered when their owners could no longer care for them.

2. Rehabilitate

Horses arrive in a variety of conditions, sometimes starving or in serious need of veterinarian attention. Steph K Equine Rescue's first goal is to get horses healthy, physically & mentally.

3. Retrain

Once horses are physically and mentally rehabilitated, they begin retraining. Some horses have training backgrounds, others do not. Regardless of their background, all horses are completely retrained using ethical R+ training methods.


Steph K Equine Rescue always starts with life skills - teaching ground manners, veterinary handling, farrier handling, trailer loading, and more. Once the rescues have their life skills, they begin their career training - learning valuable skills that help increase their adoptability, such as riding.

4. Rehome

Once rescues have completed rehabilitation and life skills, they are listed for adoption and start looking for their forever home!

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Steph K Equine Rescue is a Four-Step Program: