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Beginner Level

5 lessons


The beginner program is designed to introduce new riders to the world of horses. You will learn about horse body language and how horses learn, get a tour of my facility, and become familiar with the tools you need to safely work with horses. By the end of this course, you will know how to halter, lead, handle, groom, tack, mount, know basic training methods, and have basic riding skills. 

Intermediate Level

5 lessons


This program follows the Beginner Level Program. Riders must be able to halter, lead, handle, groom, tack, mount, and have knowledge of basic training & knowledge methods. This course will emphasize riding techniques. Riders will learn to control the pace at the walk, hold a balanced and upward contact at the walk, and do balanced turns. Riders will also begin to learn the trot. 

Advanced Level

5 lessons


This program follows the Intermediate Level Program. Riders must have all skills from the Intermediate Level to move to this level. This course will teach pace regulation at the trot, an upward trot contact, and balanced turns at the trot. 

Showing Levels

$45 / lesson

This program follows the Advanced Level Program. Students will continue to progress in their riding and horsemanship skills while learning the tools needed to show in their chosen discipline. Students are also encouraged to participate in our local schooling shows - these encourage goal setting, organization, and other valuable skills.

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