My Program


I rescue unwanted horses. These horses may be neglected, abused, abandoned, headed toward slaughter, have an owner pass away, or a variety of other circumstances leading to their rescue.
Some of my horses have public backstories and others are not shared online for a variety of reasons. Instead, they are private - between those involved in the rescue, myself, and any potential adopters. 
Rescue is a rough business. It is not easy to see how these animals are treated and not easy to help them move past their trauma. I work hard to ensure that all horses who enter my care are given a fresh start & the opportunity toward a better life with quality, ethical care & treatment.


My aim is to make a home
that is somewhere between
Temporary & Permanent
Rehabilitation is often a long, arduous process. There are many temporary homes with the goal to rescue & rehome as quickly as possible so that the maximum number of horses can be saved.
There is a need for this kind of "bulk rehoming" due to the large number of horses in need of rescue. However, with such a short turnover time, horses cannot be rehabilitated at the rescue - so rehabilitation ends up being the new owner's responsibility.
Horses in these situations are often cheap upfront, but have many expenses in the first year of ownership. These horses also require experienced homes - homes that can be a trainer, nutritionist, veterinarian, bodyworker, farrier, and caretaker all in one, or homes that can pay for all of those services! 
I aim to never be temporary - I don't adopt out horses until they have completed their rehabilitation and are ready to move into their permanent home.


Finding good homes can be the most challenging part of the rescue business. There are many sanctuaries available that are permanent homes for rescued horses. These sanctuaries often give rescue horses great lives, however, they have a maximum occupancy and can only save as many horses as they can fit, or they end up hoarding animals and the horses end up needing to be rescued again.
Horses in these sanctuaries also don't get the one-on-one human attention that many of them crave. Most horses can live happy lives on a range, but not all (including myself) have the ability to give them a safe, full range. I don't believe a horse can be truly happy in an environment where they are consistently handled by different humans and do not have "their person." Every horse in my care has thrived best with "their person."
I aim to never be permanent - I want to adopt every horse I rescue into a loving, forever home with "their person," so that they can live their best life and I can continue to rescue more.


Know Better, Do Better
The vast majority of horses end up in rescue situations through no fault of their own, but instead due to human problems - training, care, finances, etc.
My unique approach to horsemanship was moulded by my experience studying behavioural neuroscience at university. This approach is the most ethical, most effective, and safest way that I have found to train horses. These methods have worked for every horse in my program and many wouldn't have needed rescuing if they had been handled properly throughout their lives.
I aim to teach others my methods - so that horsemanship can be improved worldwide.
I teach others via lessons, coaching, training, and other services I offer, as well as online education outreach via the +R Purist.
I am a lifelong student of the horse. I have studied equine neurology, behaviour, learning, and psychology in order to shape my training methods. I have also studied ethical stable management, nutrition, tack fit, hoof balance, massage, bodywork, reproduction, and more in order to effectively care for the horses in my program.
I aim to continue learning & improving - so that I can always be the best horsewoman I can be.