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Riding Instructor

2015 - present


My coaching career began at age 17, when giving beginner lessons in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri, USA. I have since taught in the US & Canada in Hunt Seat, English Pleasure, and Dressage. Working at other barns has helped me to expand my knowledge base and learn to work with many people of varying backgrounds and opinions. I now coach on my own horses out of Vancouver, BC and coach others on their horses in the Greater Vancouver Area.



Horse Trainer

2010 - present


My horse training experience technically began in 2001, when I first learned to ride. However, I didn't get the opportunity to begin training my own horse until I first began to learn Dressage in 2010. I have since trained my own horses as well as other horses.


I originally trained using classic Dressage methods, then discovered Natural Horsemanship methods and later Equitation Science. My methods are a combination of these, where classic Dressage has allowed me to use the proven methods of the old masters, Natural Horsemanship has taught me to establish trust and use methods that are intuitive to the horse, and Equitation science has emphasized the importance of learning theory and acknowledging the horse's strengths and limitations. ​




2001 - present


My riding experience began at age 3. From Saddleseat to Western Pleasure to Hunt Seat to Endurance, I have tried and competed in a variety of disciplines. I have found Dressage is exactly what it aims to be -- the ultimate expression of horse training and elegance! I have trained Dressage since 2010 and love every minute of it.

UBC Equestrian Dressage Team Captain

2018 - present


As captain of the UBC Equestrian Dressage Team, I was responsible for coordinating riders and horses for training and showing. I have limited spots available for UBC students to participate in my lesson program with my horses. Students are encouraged to sign up early if they want to train in my program.

BSc. Behavioural Neuroscience
University of British Columbia

2016 - present (ongoing)


My UBC Studies have taught me discipline and theory. My courses were tailored toward animal sciences and sports psychology wherever possible and focused on neurology and learning theory -- the perfect combinations for animal training and equestrian coaching.



ASc. Veterinary Technology
Penn Foster College

2017 - present (ongoing)


The horses are the most important part of Equestrianism. To ensure my horses are happy and healthy, I have studied veterinary technology. This allows me to better care for my animals are recognize their needs.



Dpl. Equine Psychology
Center for Excellence
February 2019


Understanding the equine mind allows for more efficient and ethical training. I believe in us learning their language before asking them to learn ours, so I try to stay well read in equine scientific research.



Dpl. Horse Care & Management
Center for Excellence
February 2019


Better care for our equine friends! Every horse deserves to be a horse in the time between training, so I've done my research to ensure my horse's needs are met around the barn.

PCert. Equine Nutrition for Maximum Performance
Equine Studies Institute
2019 - Ongoing


I believe in caring from horses from the inside out! What goes in your horse's mouth will influence how the behave and perform for you, so I've done my part to ensure my horses get the best!

PCert. Equine Massage
Equine Studies Institute
2019 - Ongoing


All the best athletes need proper muscle care. I am happy to provide massage services for my horses. I am also happy to include movement consultations to improve muscle balance, joint alignment, and performance.

PCert. Equine Reproduction
Equine Studies Institute
2019 - Ongoing


Though I am not a breeder, we do have breeding facilities available and the occasional foal around! 

PCert. Bits, Saddle Fit, and Hoof Balance
Equine Studies Institute
2019 - Ongoing


This one speaks for itself: no trainer or coach should instruct without a basis of knowledge on proper equipment fit and hoof balance.

No hoof, no horse; no saddle, no rider!

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