Services: Training

lessons for your horse!

Continuous training usually requires the horse

be boarded at my facility. Pricing includes board.

Travel fees may apply for consultations

or haul in's are welcome with negative coggins.

great horses are

developed over YEARS,

not trained in MONTHS.


The horse is only as great as the handler!

I encourage lessons in conjunction with training to

ensure the horse and handler are on the same page.

I use unique methods to help the horse and rider connect,

including a primarily positive reinforcement approach.

Training Consultation

1-3 hours


This consultation will allow me to evaluate what is happening with the horse and what training they need. From there, I can make a recommendation for future steps and/or offer a more accurate quote for a training and/or lesson program.

Training Packages

10 days   $300

30 days   $900

60 Days $1700

These are the typical training prices. Days do not need to be consecutive. Please contact me to discuss training details, as each horse is an individual and all have different needs.