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SK Equestrian Academy offers in-person education at our facility in Willard, MO.

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Local Training Programs

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Consultations & training for local equine owners, and board & train options, with a focus on ethical, effective methods & relationship building. 

Individualized Approach:

🐎 Owner goals are well-established from the start

🐎 Expectations for timelines & results are communicated clearly & effectively

🐎 Everyone is happy with the partnership that develops - humans & equines!

Effective Communication:

🐴 All training sessions are logged in depth

🐴 Logs are available online for owners to read

🐴 Owners can get updates as often as desired

SKE focuses on gentle horsemanship methods. We use positive reinforcement training, meaning we emphasize rewards, autonomy/choice/consent, & having a willing equine partner. 

At SKE, you won't find:

❌ Whips, Spurs, Bits, Chains

❌ Yelling, Force, Fear, Stress

At SKE, you will find:

✔️ Happy Horses

✔️ Happy Clients

Training at SKE is specialized to the client & equine. Contact us today to discuss training consultations and/or board & train options.

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