Services: Wellness Consults

when it isn't a training problem


Travel fees may apply depending on your location. 


Haul in's are welcome with negative coggins,

however, it is usually best that I see the horse

in his/her home for a full evaluation.

Virtual Nutrition Evaluation


This includes a full needs analysis via phone or video call, an outline of recommendations, and at least one dietary plan.

Full Nutrition Evaluation


This includes an in-person needs evaluation (approx 30 min - 1 hour with the horse), an outline of recommendations, and at least one dietary plan.

Tack Fit Evaluation


Includes a full evaluation in English or Western tack. All equipment is checked (saddle, padding, bits, bridle, breastplates/martingales, and more) and a detailed report issued that discusses fit, use, and any recommendations for change.

Housing Evaluation


An evaluation of the horse's living space. I use the Five Freedoms and Eight Core Needs to evaluate if the horse has an appropriate environment, along with a full report detailing improvements that can make your horse's life happier.

Full Wellness Evaluation


Usually takes 3-4 hours. This includes all of the individual evaluations - nutrition, tack fit, and housing evaluations. This is the most reliable way to determine if there is something hindering your horse's comfort or happiness.