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We Need Your Help

Steph is currently facing a very serious challenge. She is trying to help a vulnerable member of our community, and due to ongoing legal proceedings & child safety, she can't share details publicly. What she can share is that the case is devastatingly dark, and it's draining her time, energy, and resources. As a result, she has less time for SKE's education programs, which are the biggest fundraising contributors for the SKE rescue program.


Feedin' Hay Every Day

SKE feeds hay year-round, to ensure our equines have 24/7 access to free-choice forage. Grass pastures supplement in the summer, but do not maintain grass in the winter, and not all of our equines are able to have grass pasture due to veterinary limitations.


Our Hay Budget

SKE feeds three types of hay:

  • Grass Squares are fed to our mini's. One square bale is $10 and feeds them for one day. 

  • Grass Rounds are fed to our easy-keepers. One grass round is $90 and feeds about three horses for one week.

  • Alfafa Rounds are fed to our special-needs equines. One alfalfa round is $150 and feeds about three horses for one week.

We are currently at capacity with 20 rescue equines, bringing our annual hay costs to $30,000.

These costs are for HAY ONLY, not any of the numerous other expenses involved in equine care. To name a few other costs: mineral balancers, supplements, veterinary care, facility maintenance, hoof care, equipment maintenance, etc...


Thank You

Steph volunteers her time & energy caring for our rescue horses - she does all of the training, hoof trimming, at-home veterinary care, and management for the rescues without any compensation. Her time spent on SKE's Education Programs gives back to the rescue first and she only gets compensation when the rescues are cared for. She's never had to ask for help like this before, but she needs her community to support her while she fights for one of our own. Helping one of us means helping all of us.

Donate to Our 2024 Hay Budget

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