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Board your equine at our facility for routine training and/or lessons.

Board Rates

Options are available based on the equine's environmental needs.

Boarders have access to our facility & amenities. Learn More


Pasture Board

Pastures have seasonal grass growth.

Summer (May-Oct) $350 / month

Winter (Nov-Apr) $450 / month

Alfalfa Hay Supplement:

+$100 in Summer, +$150 in Winter


Dry Lot Board

Full Care $725 / month

We provide all hay, feeding, and picking.

Partial Care $400 / month

We provide hay, owner feeds and picks.

Self Care $150 / month

Owner provides hay, feeding, picking.

Training Rates

Boarding is only available to clients in a training program or regular lessons.


Training Packages

Training sessions are 90 min each and may be split into multiple "mini-sessions" when it benefits the equine's learning ability.

Once weekly $250 / month

Twice weekly $500 / month

3x weekly $750 / month

Training Topics

Training topics and priorities are customized to meet the needs of the individual client and equine.

Use these categories to help guide you through some of the common topics we cover for training clients.


Pony Preschool

"Life Skills" and foundations for young equines, feral equines, or equines who need to learn how to live safely alongside humans.

Cooperative care activities such as leading, veterinary & farrier handling, trailer loading, etc.


A Gentle Start

"Riding Skills" for equines without riding experience or equines who need to learn to safely carry humans.

Cooperative tacking, lining up for mounting, accepting weight, taking reinforcement from a rider, and basic riding behaviors (stop/go, faster/slower, steering from a bitless bridle and/or neckrope).


Agility Superstar

Liberty skills and trick training for equines who want to have fun without carrying a rider!

Liberty leading, navigating basic agility obstacles, and learning fun performance tricks.

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