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We Can't Save Lives Without You!


We Need You

Our rescue efforts are privately funded by donors and supporters like you. SKE's Educational Programs and Online Clicker Shoppe are our main fundraising contributors, but we need your help, too!

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Lucky & Charmed

SKE took in an emaciated senior mare and her colt, who were abandoned at a slaughter auction. They required extensive rehabilitation and their lives were saved thanks to our generous donors.



The #GetAtsaHome project was a targeted fundraising effort benefiting our rescue mustang, Atsa. Find out more in the Atsa's mini-docuseries!


Story's Tail Recovery

Story was surrendered to SKE with an open wound where her tail should've been. Her broken spine was sticking out and it was leaking infected spinal fluid. Despite this, Story was full of life and ready to fight. Her Mustang spirit and our extensive supportive treatments (funded by your generous donations!) allowed her to recover and have a bright future.


2024 Hay Budget

Steph is asking for your help. She's facing a very serious personal challenge that demands her time and energy, leaving very little space for SKE's education programs (the rescue's main source for fundraising). We need your help to ensure we have funds for hay in 2024.

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