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Story's Tail Injury is Completely Healed!


Meet Story

This is Story, a 10-year-old American Mustang mare who was surrendered to SKE on October 1st, 2023. 


Story's Tail

Story suffered an injury that caused her tail to lose circulation and fall off. She arrived with an open wound over the stump, which needed careful treatment to ensure she healed.


Helping Story

We were facing some big intake expenses, but we wanted to give this lovely lady a chance to heal, so we started fundraising & got the vet scheduled.


First Vet Appointment

Her first vet check-up included an exam under sedation and was heartbreaking. We learned that the stump emerging from the wound was her spine, and that the leakage around it was spinal fluid. Her treatment and surgical options were limited. Surgery would likely lead to severe complications, and treatment wouldn't guarantee healing.


Daily Treatments

We elected to start with non-surgical treatment - a combination of oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and pain medications, plus topical antibiotics and liquid bandages. Luckily, our force-free, R+ handling allowed cooperation from Story.


Story is Healed!

Thankfully, Story showed her Mustang spirit and healed BEAUTIFULLY! All of us, including our vets, were blown away by her ability to heal with supportive care. Her tail will never grow back, but she appears to be pain-free and should have an excellent, happy future ahead of her!


Thank You!

We were able to fundraise nearly $600 for Story's treatments. Although this didn't cover her veterinary costs, our education programs were able to supplement the remaining funds. 

Without your support, we wouldn't be able to save lives like we did with Story. Thank you!!

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