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SKE aims to give each rescued equine the best possible opportunity to find a lifelong, forever home.

SKE typically spends at least a year with each rescue equine. Although there are many equines in need, high-volume rescue efforts require very fast rescue turnover.


The majority of rescue equines require extensive, specialized rehabilitation and undergo major physical and temperamental changes in the first 6-12 months after their rescue. Unfortunately, when adopted out within this window, this leads to many new adopters being overwhelmed by rehabilitation or disappointed by unexpected changes in their equine. Many don't get proper rehabilitation or don't end up being good fits for their adoptive families. This is one of the reasons we see rescues rehomed so many times, or worse, ending up back in a rescue situation.


At SKE, one of our goals is to cultivate sustainable equestrianism - including sustainable rescue. We pursue this goal by undertaking the rehabilitation & retraining process here. We have extensive, specialized resources for rehabilitation and highly effective, ethical methods for retraining. During this process, we gain a deep understanding of each individual equine, which means we can ensure adopters have a good understanding of their adopted equine's physical health & temperament. 

SKE utilizes a Four-Step Rescue Program:



SKE takes in horses from a variety of backgrounds. Some were in the horse slaughter pipeline, some were seized from abusive or neglectful situations, and others were surrendered when their owners could no longer care for them.

Our rescue equines have no other viable options.



Horses arrive in a variety of conditions, sometimes starving, injured, or in serious need of veterinarian attention. SKE has the specialized resources needed to give these rescues the best chance at successful rehabilitation - including top of the line facilities and a network of exceptional equine professionals (veterinarians, farriers, etc.).

SKE's immediate goal is to get newly rescued equines healthy.



Once horses are physically and mentally rehabilitated, they begin retraining. Some horses have training backgrounds, others do not. Regardless of their background, all horses are completely retrained using our ethical R+ training methods.

Our training methods give rescue equines get choice & control. For most of them, this may be the first time.



Once rescues have completed rehabilitation and life skills, they are listed for adoption and start looking for their forever home! It's always hard to say goodbye, but we can't rescue more equines unless we find good homes for the ones we have. We aim to make the transition easier by ensuring each home is able to provide the equine with even more than we can here.

SKE's ultimate goal is to match our rescue equines with forever homes.

Follow the link below to learn more about adoption.

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