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Atsa was ripped from his home & family.

Atsa was beaten, abused, and starved.

Atsa's been through pain that we can't imagine.

But Atsa survived, and he's ready to go home.

We need your help getting him back where he belongs.

2022-12-03 20_20_29_edited.jpg


The first week of Feb 2023, we did not have the funds necessary to get Atsa home. He was strong and ready for the journey, but the money wasn't there. Steph faced a very difficult decision and had to make a tough call.

Steph decided to load up Atsa and make the journey, even if it meant paying the remaining thousands of dollars in expenses out of her own pocket. Hoping that donations would pull through, Atsa was loaded up and they made the 2000 mile journey home. Read the full story below, including the newest update on Atsa's return home!


Donate to Atsa's Journey Home

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