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SKE adopts out fully rehabilitated rescue equines. Rehabilitation does not correspond with level of training, but rather their physical & mental health.

Barring any permanent disorders or injuries, all equines ready for adoption will have, at minimum, the following:

  • Good body condition

  • Good health - free of fungal, viral, or bacterial diseases & free of injury

  • Quality, sound barefoot hooves

  • Up to date routine veterinary care - vaccines, dentals, deworming

  • Sound mind - a horse that is relaxed, happy, and well-adjusted



Horses arrive with a variety of training backgrounds, they may be totally unhandled/feral or have experience with handling, riding, etc. Regardless of their background, all equines get a full restart at SKE - providing them a fresh start and providing us the opportunity to ensure they have complete & solid training.


All training done at SKE is done via our highly effective, ethical methods.



Priority is given to training "life skills" - these are the essential behaviors required for equines to have a successful life in the care of humans.

Barring any physical or wellness limitations, all equines ready for adoption will have, at minimum, the following:

  • Solid calm default, back-up, and gentle food handling

  • Haltering & leading via halter

  • Leading - via neck rope, target, & body language

  • Stationing - via cone, bucket, mat, etc.

  • Body handling - acceptance of touch & brushing

  • Farrier handling - hoof lifting & acceptance of touch, picking, trimming, and rasping of the hooves

  • Veterinary handling - acceptance of eye, ear, nose, and dental exams, as well as oral medications, injections, blood draws, temperature checks, and examination handling


Once rescues have completed rehabilitation and life skills, they are listed for adoption and start looking for their forever home! In the meantime, they stay here and participate in our educational programs as lesson horses. During this time, they further their experience with different people & build trust, as well as furthering their training & skills. This training typically follows the TECS curriculum, incuding riding.

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