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Little Miss


Retired to Sanctuary 2021

Chirpy was an adorable, 14.1 hh Appaloosa pony. We think she was born around 1999, but don't know her backstory because she was rescued from slaughter with no paperwork or history. She loved treats, cuddles, and trot poles! She was a reliable little lesson pony - she was gentle and a good teacher for kids. She loved her time at SKE, but when she started going blind we made the call to move her to retirement sanctuary instead of attempting to rehome her. She lived fat & happy there and navigated 100's of acres with ease, despite her visual impairments, until she passed of complications from a leg injury in 2023.

Want to learn more? We post pictures & updates about our equines as often as possible. Use the links below to see all of our posts about this equine:

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